The last thing I ever wanted to do was write this book. I’m not a writer and I have no idea what I’m doing. But as you read this book you will find out that my life is not really my own. I’ve been working on this book for almost fifteen years but I’ve been stalling going public because it will cost me my privacy, anonymity and quiet country life. I have everything to lose by writing this book but it is so much bigger then myself. This is the last major task demanded of me by my Taskmaster and I must obey. He first showed me this book when I was thirteen and said that it was the book of my life that was written before I was born. It is the book of my penance that I’m here doing because of past misdeeds and now he demands that I leave a copy of it behind before I will be allowed to return home. This book explains our relationship with the spirit world and reveals the true meaning of life. My spirit guides say that, “You must know the truth in order to make the decisions needed to save yourselves.” Writing this book is very important to them because they have spent a lot of energy over many years to help me accomplish it. I know that it would be hard for even me to believe what I’m going to tell you if I haven’t been living through it. But I can guarantee you that everything in this book is completely true. But you are still welcome to come to your own conclusions about the events of my life and my spirit guides teachings. Since they have been communicating with me for over forty-five years I’m used to the way they speak. They communicate with a sense of pure reality that will be difficult for many people to comprehend at first until you think about every sentence for a while. But please remember that I’m only their messenger so please don’t direct your negative energy towards me.

Thank you,


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